Using fitness tracker apps for OSINT purposes

Fitness Tracker Search Engine

Fitness Tracker Search Engine


  • The time the user went to sleep and the time he woke up, the total amount of sleep.
  • The amount of time spent online and which applications the user used and for how long. e.g. half an hour spent on Gmail.
  • User productivity statistics
Example Mind Section
  • The last recorded heart rate, or the current one if available
  • Heart rate during the day (with any alerts)
  • Heart HRV and healthy data
  • Blood pressure (if recorded)
  • Other heart health information
Example Heart Section
  • The weight of the user
  • User’s fat mass in percentage
  • Glucose data
Example Body Section
  • Daily steps and goal
  • Sporting activity
  • Activity statistics
Example Activity Section
  • The places visited by the user and the time spent in each of them
  • The route taken
  • The means of transport used
Example Places Section


AllTrails Dashboard
Example Profile Section
  • In the bio, the place of origin of the user
  • If it is a paying user, through the badge pro
  • Registration date and profile photo
  • Favorite activities
Example Recent Activities Section


Example Dashboard
Exemple Interactive Map
  • For each point of the route, the distance from the starting point, the altitude, the time taken to reach that point, the degrees of slope and the speed
  • In the title there is also the precise date on which the route has been run
Network Table
  • The track id
  • Privacy rules
  • The type of activity : running, cycling, etc.
  • The name of the device used to upload the data
  • The precise timestamp of the start of the sport activity
  • The exact coordinates of the start and end of the track.
  • Tour name and whether it was automatically generated or set
  • Distance, elevation, average speed and other sports activity data
  • Images taken during the route, including data on the sporting activity at that precise moment, coordinates, photo name and timestamps
  • User name, unique id, profile picture, its settings, providers: e.g. garmin, apple watch etc…
  • camera setting, coordinates, app it interfaces to, etc…
  • Precise coordinates
  • Timestamp
  • Elevation
  • Temperature
  • Speed
  • Device information
  • ecc..


Garmin Profile Dashboard
Example Profile Section
  • Name and surname
  • Place of origin
  • Badge obtained and badge meaning
  • Type of sport activity
  • Social Network accounts and blogs linked to the account
  • Sports activity metrics and latest activities
Example Activity Section
  • Type of sporting activity
  • Date and time of the start of the sport activity
  • Distance traveled
  • Track total time
  • Avg Speed
  • Total Ascent
  • Track and infographics
  • Elevation
  • Speed
  • Device and firmware
  • Multiple other statistics
  • Timestamp of the start of the activity
  • Timestamp of the end of the activity
  • Start coordinates
  • End coordinates
  • Activity ID
  • elevation of start/end
  • heart rate
  • ecc


Ayvri profile dashboard
  • Profile photo
  • Name
  • Followers and following
  • Recent activity
Example Activity Section
  • Place
  • Travel time at any point of the track
  • Other people in the track
  • Speed at any point on the track
  • Altitude and climp speed
  • Distance traveled and total distance




Osint Is the main key

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Mattia Vicenzi

Mattia Vicenzi

Osint Is the main key

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